About MCM Technologies

Always Striving for Excellence in Manufacturing

The mission of our company is to achieve customer satisfaction by creating, manufacturing, and delivering high caliber metal products. Our focus is to fully integrate performance efficiency, fairness, and equality within our organization's culture to substantiate consumer loyalty and service by surpassing client expectations.

A Customer-Focused Team with Large Capabilities

MCM is able to perform on a larger scale due to the wide range of capabilities the company offers. A major advantage to MCM is that it is accompanied by two of its sister companies A&H Duffy Polishing & Finishing and Quality Spraying Technologies, Inc., all three are operated under the same control and ownership. Additionally, MCM has established partnerships with numerous domestic suppliers to further enhance business obligations outside the boundaries of Quality and Duffy's specific functions.

A Single Point of Contact

MCM acts as the "gate keeper" by controlling all traffic flowing to and from MCM, Quality and Duffy. This enables MCM to keep costs at an applicable price by maintaining control of the product from one primary location. Although the product development cycle always begins and ends with MCM before the end result is shipped to the customer, each phase process is broken down accordingly and dispersed among Quality and Duffy (and outside affiliations when necessary).

The Strength of Three Companies

Product specifications are always the determining factor for which sister company MCM will use for production. Quality generally takes on products ready for production which requires painting and decorative detail such as: silk screening, pad printing or full coating service (liquid and powder). Alternately, due to their experience and expertise, MCM uses A&H Duffy to initiate production for specific item types which may require polishing, conditioning, and finishing in completion of the end product.

inside A&H Duffy Polishing facilities
inside Quality Spraying Technologies facilities

Our Timeline

MCM Technologies Inc. is a contracting and metal manufacturing company operating out of Cranston, Rhode Island. Started in 1997 by Michael D'Angelo Sr., MCM is a family owned business.


A&H Duffy, the sole in-house polisher for A.T. Cross pen company is established.


A&H Duffy moves out of A.T. Cross to become a stand-alone polishing company in Cumberland, RI.


A&H Duffy moves to their current location of 90 Glen Road in Cranston, RI.


Michael T. D'Angelo purchases A&H Duffy from Jim Duffy.


MCM Technologies is incorporated in Syracuse, NY to polish the new Gillette Mach 5 razor.


Michael T. D'Angelo purchases Quality Spray.


MCM invests in large pieces of equipment, which were too big for their current location, so the building on Dupont Drive was purchased.

Present Day

Now operated under the control of Mike Sr.'s eldest son and President Chris D'Angelo, MCM continues to serve clients both nationally and internationally.