Fast Track Specialty Products with MCM

Quality, Capacity & Efficiency in Contract Manufacturing

MCM Technologies has proven itself to be a leader in manufacturing specialty products across a variety of market segments. From aesthetic design & prototyping to manufacturing and fulfillment, we partner with you to create high-caliber products that make a splash in the marketplace and turn interested parties into loyal customers.

MCM employees creating specialty metal products for our customers

Why choose MCM for
Outsourced Production?

At MCM Technologies we realize that bringing a product from concept to market can be a long and sometimes tedious process fraught with pitfalls. Our multi-talented team will work closely with you to oversee the design, production and fulfillment processes, keeping you & your product on the fast track to market.

Personalized Service

At MCM we believe our small size allows us to build an intimate relationship with our customers and suppliers. A full understanding of your product, target market and goals enable us to effectively address your outsourced production requirements.

A Clear Picture of Your Project

MCM can ensure a commercially viable product before the expense of an initial production run. Our Product Development team will help paint a clear picture of your project with the ultimate goal being a finished piece that is ready for production.

Specialty Product Experience

MCM's production capabilities allow us to create products from a variety of materials & substrates. We have experience working with stamped, machined and cast metal pieces that can be finished, engraved or imprinted using our proprietary printing process.

Local & World Wide Resources

Working with our sister companies A&H Duffy & Quality Spraying Technologies as well as other established relationships from around the globe, MCM is able to match the correct vendors with your project based on quality, volume, price points & timeline.

We'll Produce What You Need

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to take advantage of an opportunity or a large distributor who needs to supply mass retailers, MCM has vendors to support all levels of production volume.

No Job is Too Large

Our large customers rely on MCM Technologies to supply the high volume of product their customers need. Some of the products we've produced can be found in Retailers such as Petco, PetSmart, Walmart, TrueValue and the Home Depot.

Licensed Products from the Biggest Brands in the World